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      Whimsical, obscure events and occurrences make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh harder than I should. I’m tickled by things that are obscure and unusual. I love spontaneous things that you don’t see coming that will completely jar you. It’s a healthy thing to do. It’s like our connection to the outdoors. I would say my soul requires laughter.                     ~ Shawn Christian

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"Famous In Love"  Binge watch full season now with Freeform app-Hulu- On Demand!            Episode 5 airs Tue., May 16, 9/8c on Freeform TV

Shawn Recently Filmed the movie "Fam Girl"          



Recently Filmed!

"Last Seen in Idaho" is a thriller mystery feature film embracing suspense and intrigue! In the movie Shawn plays a dangerous character.  Shawn is not only acting but also dons his producer hat for this project.

The film was filmed in the Pacific Northwest.

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Shawn Christian, Last Seen in Idaho Six guys, four guns (that you can see...), and one rope. This looks like a lot of trouble on the set of ‪#‎LastSeenInIdaho‬ with actors Edward Kahl, Kevin Wayne, Charlie Corella, Wes Ramsey, Shawn Christian, and Caspe Van Dien. Photo Credit Fireshoe Pro.


"Hidden Truth"

Filmed in Mammoth Mtn., Ca.


Next Airing

May 25th 2pm on LMN




"Spanners" The Movie


Available Now on Amazon Prime !>

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shawnchristian5150You deserve the best in life, and life deserves the best from you. #Bringit #everyday #Live #2017
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shawn christian March 18, 2017 Shawn Christian: ‏This little sales lady Cameron is selling lemonade and homemade cupcakes for her school Fit-A-Thon. #futureCEO #lemonadestand #kidsfitness
Shawn Christian March 9, 2017 Sal LaBarbera‏Verified account @Sal_LaBarbera Mar 10 Amazing Event @DBPLA supporting #abrighterfutureforchildren @Ari_Zucker @ShawnC4real You guys are fun!!! @KristenRenton
shawn christian Shawn Christian ‏@ShawnC4real Not at the beach. #water #sun #snow
NEW INTERVIEW October 30, 2016
Shawn Christian If you can't laugh you'll cry. #life
Shawn Christian Get in touch with your inner Superhero. You can do anything you set your heart, mind and soul to. #fearless #selfless #believe
Shawn Christian Shawn Christian ‏@ShawnC4real Bring it on. #invincible
Shawn Christian Spending 'time' with my mom in the Warner Bros Archives. #workandplay #family
Shawn Christian, Ari Zucker Nov 10, 2016 Arianne Zucker ‏@Ari_Zucker #MyProtector #MyGuide Thanks for the photo Robert! @ShawnC4real

What advice would you pass on to others?      Shawn answers:

Shawn shares thoughts on his native Michigan!

Shawn's TV Listings

May 19  ~ 10:30 am on SYY-FI          C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation


May 21  ~ 6:30 pm on ANTENNS



May 22 ~  2:35 pm  on INDIE

    Small Town Saturday Night


May 23 ~  9/8c pm  FREEFORM

    Famous in Love


May 24  ~ 5:15 am on AMX

   Tremors 3: Back to Perfection


May 25  ~ 2:00 pm on LMN

   Hidden Truth


May 28  ~ 1:30 am on LAFF



May 30 ~  9/8c pm  FREEFORM

    Famous in Love


Jun 2  ~  2:00 am on OMX

    Tremors 3: Back to Perfection


Jun  6 ~  9/8c pm  FREEFORM

    Famous in Love


May 2  "Famous in Love"

Shawn Christian,DaysofourLives,Daniel,  Dr. Daniel Jonas "Days of our Lives" 12/12 Daniel (Shawn Christian) visits Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in her dream

Arrow-Heart Fundraiser         Los Angeles Nov. 2016

Setting up Camp!

Shawn Christian,Days of our Lives, Dr. Daniel Jonas, Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps, Napa GET YOURS NOW! Arrow-Heart Adventure camps: Field Journal A 2016 Planner/ Journal.
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