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      Whimsical, obscure events and occurrences make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh harder than I should. I’m tickled by things that are obscure and unusual. I love spontaneous things that you don’t see coming that will completely jar you. It’s a healthy thing to do. It’s like our connection to the outdoors. I would say my soul requires laughter.                     ~ Shawn Christian

Shawn's Current Projects

Congratulations to "Spanners" the movie!    Winner of the 2015 Hollywood Reel Independent Film HRIFF Filmaking Awards: Best Sci-Fi Film

Congratulations to "Spanners" the movie! Nominated for HRIFF 2015 BEST PICTURE!

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A bit of Fan Art from Texts from Salem

shawn christian, days of our Lives, dr daniel jonas, #days Texts From Salem ‏@TextsFromSalem Kristen, Kate & Chloe star in Daniel's new reality show #Days

Nov 8 "Day of Days" Interviews

"Dr. Daniel Jonas" ~ Days Photo of the Day

Shawn Christian,Days of our Lives,Daniel, Dr. Daniel Jonas, "Days of our Lives" 1/27 Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Nicole encounter a livid Serena at his door.. CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR MORE OF TODAY'S SHAWN CHRISTIAN SCENES AND SCREEN CAPTURES

"Spanners" The Movie

The average person lives a Lifespan from around 0-80 sequentially. Spanners don't. These incredibly rare beings have vastly different Lifespans than you and I. Some live their lives in reverse. Some come alive for a single day every ten years. Some like our hero, Dr. Adam Parr (Shawn Christian) - are immortal. Each class of Spanner has its own unique Lifespan, and that Lifespan gives each Spanner strange and unique powers.

<--Shawn Christian as "Dr. Adam Parr"-->

The Story......   

    Dr. Adam Parr is an Immortal, the highest class of Spanner. His memory goes back 8,000 years, and much of that time he has spent as a detective. When he worked for Scotland Yard in the 1800s he used his vast experience to solve crimes "instantly"; he's seen every situation countless times before. But his class's weakness is that they are slow to adapt, and the world now moves too fast for him. So he has dropped out of society. 

     When Dr. Parr finds that his immortal brother Jonathan has somehow been murdered, he must reconnect with his detective roots and solve the crime. Dr. Parr teams up with a short-living, fast-learning Mayfly and delves deep into the Spanner underworld - because if someone found a way to kill his immortal brother, Adam could be next.


The Characters.....

Spanners Spotlight! Actor Eric Roberts set to play "Phage" who is the brother of "Adam Parr" (Shawn Christian) in "Spanners" the movie!

Congratulations to "Spanners: Fountain of Youth " Winner of Multiple  2014 Book Festivals and 5 Star Reviews!

Shawn's character "Adam Parr" from "Spannes" resurfaces in writer, Jon Maas' "Spanners - The Fountain of Youth"  The Book is the Winner of the 2014 SanFrancisco Book Festival and the New York Beach Book Club Festival! To read more about "Spanners"  author Jonathan Maas please check out the following reviews!

RisingShadow Review

IndieReader Review

San Francisco Book Review

Readers' Favorite (5 Stars Review)

Goodreads Review (5 Stars)




To read more about "Spanners' Author, Jonathan Maas or to purchase  "Spanners: Fountain of Youth" visit Kindle  & Paperback editions are currently availble.


Follow Jonathan Maas on twitter @jonmaas78

"Michigan Positivity Project is looking for the state’s biggest optimists to join its ranks"..   read more...

Shawn Christian, Detroit UnSpun, Arrow-Heart, Ari Zucker Photo Credit: DetroitUnSpun
Shawn Christian,Days of our Lives, Dr. Daniel Jonas, Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps, Napa December 27 ~ Detroit, Mi. Shawn Christian & Arianne Zucker tour the Detroit Outdour Adventure Center. Shawn and Ari are looking to partner with Michgan to expand Arrow-Heart Adventue Camps Mission.
Shawn Christian,Days of our Lives, Dr. Daniel Jonas, Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps, Napa December 26 ~ Detroit, Mi. Jeanne Micallef ‏@JeanneMicallef @Local4News chatted w @ShawnC4real & @Ari_Zucker re #ArrowHeart @EvrodCassimy @PaulGrossLocal4 Click here for interview
Shawn Christian, Arianne Zucker, Greg Vaughan, Days of our Lives Nov 8, 2014 Day of Days Photo credit Kelly @Danloe4life Click on Photo to view more photos from Day of Days

Love ♥ Comedy?

We are all addicted to something! Check out the Addictive Antics from the comedic cast of "Addicts Anonymous" here! All episodes are Free!

"Venice the Series" ~Venice the Series season 4 DVD is now available. 12 episodes with Shawn Christian as Homicide Detective Brandon!

Shawn's TV Listings

Jan 28 ~ 8 am Murder in the Hamptons on LMN

Jan 31 ~ 12:30 pm Will & Grace on WEtv

Feb 1  ~  2:30 pm Will & Grace on WeTV

Feb 7  ~  4:00 pm Beverly Hills 90210 on POP


Small Town Saturday Night

Jan 27 ~ 3:20 pm on Showtime Next

Jan 28 ~ 3:35 pm on Showtime Showcase

Jan 29 ~ 6:35 am on Showtime Women

Jan 31 ~ 6:15 pm on Showtime Next

Feb 1  ~  5:45 am on Showtime Next

Feb 2 ~  8:35 am on The Movie Channel

Feb 5 ~  4:20 pm on The Movie Channel Extra

Feb 6 ~  3:05 pm on The Movie Channel


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Birds of Prey



Prey for the Hunter

Primal Scream


Feat of Clay

Devil's Eyes


Truth or Dare part 1

Truth or Dare Part 2

Shawn plays the love interest of Batgirl Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer) in "Birds of Prey".
"Venice the Series" ~ Watch all Seasons of Venice the Series at