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     A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Shawn Christian grew up acting purely for the love of it. Acting in and writing for talent shows and school plays was simply a small town passion until he graduated from Ferris State University. After earning a degree in Marketing, Shawn left the next day to pursue his dream of becoming an actor by relocating to Chicago, where he honed his acting skills with a variety of acting coaches and styles. He began to find his true voice with the improvisational company "Improv Olympic".

     Just as he was about to begin "Second City" in Chicago, Shawn got his first big break portraying working class anti-hero 'Mike Kasnoff' on the New York based CBS daytime drama "As the World Turns". After a three year run, he took the leap to Los Angeles. He landed recurring roles in ABC's Boston Legal as a delinquent husband to Julie Bowen's "Denise Bauer" and a wily journalist on NBC's "Crossing Jordan" and nemesis to Josh Duhamel's character on "Las Vegas". He returned to his comedic roots with roles on the HBO series "12 Miles of B ad Road", "Friends", The Drew Carey Show", "Ellen", "Will & Grace", "Becker" and "Coupling". Shawn experienced more than a few failed pilots and shows until he starred opposite Lori Loughlin in the WB's hit series "Summerland" and opposite Jami Gertz and Tyne Daly in "Undercover Christmas". Additional television work includes starring opposite Paige Turco in the NBC hit family movie, "Secrets of the Mountain", "C.S.I." and "Shark" with James Woods, as well as lead roles in John Woo's action drama pilot, "Red Skies" for USA and quirky spy comedy, "Spy Girl" opposite Jennie Garth for NBC. Shawn was excited to delve into darker characters in the role of convicted killer Danny Pelosi in "Murder in the Hamptons" and dangerous con man in "Ghost Whisperer". Shawn started picking up film roles in Christopher Guest's feature film "For Your Consideration", "Shopgirl" with Claire Danes directed by Steve Martin, "How to Leave Your Lover", "Almost You" and "Beautiful" with Minnie Driver, directed by Sally Field. Shawn appears in a supporting role in Eddie Murphy's film "Meet Dave" and stars in the lead in the cult franchise hit "Tremors 3: Back to Perfection" as the offbeat zen cowboy Desert Jack Sawyer.

     Shawn Executive Produced, Co-Directed and starred in the independent film "Spanners", which won the award for BEST SCI-FI film at the 2015 Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival and BEST ACTOR at the 2015 Hollywood Underground Film Festival. He stars opposite Chris Pine, Oscar nominated John Hawkes and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer in "Small Town Saturday Night". Shawn just finished a long run as "Dr. Daniel Jonas on NBC's "Days of our Lives". Since leaving the show at the end of 2015, Shawn has filmed three films. Villainous street hustler, "Lance" in the suspense thriller "Last Seen in Idaho". Duplicitous killer in "Hidden Truth" and his latest took him back into comedy with the film "Savannah Sunrise".  Shawn recently filmed the new I. Marlene King 2017 series "Famous in Love" .

     In addition to acting, Shawn is the Executive Director of Operations and Marketing for the non-profit youth mentorship camps ARROW-HEART ADVENTURE CAMPS. "I believe every kid is at risk. Arrow-Heart is dedicated to enriching, inspiring and empowering young teens through exciting and challenging adventures which nutures young teens with the  virtues of Commitment, Communication, Courage, Compassion, Critical Thinking and Character". Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps operate in Idaho and Detroit with progress being made to open in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Portland and Atlanta.



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shawnchristian5150You deserve the best in life, and life deserves the best from you. #Bringit #everyday #Live #2017

Shawn's TV Listings

Mar  4  ~ 4:25 am on HBOCH    "Tremors 3: Back to Perfection"


Mar  5  ~  6:00 am on BRAVO        "Days of our Lives" Classic 2011


Mar   9 ~  8:05 am on HBOCH

 "Tremors 3: Back to Perfection"


Mar 11  -  8:00 am on LMN

"Hidden Truth"



"Famous in Love" w Shawn playing crafty studio exec "Alan"

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September 24, 2017 Los Angeles, California

Discovered MY BIGGEST FAN!!!
...why do kids feel the need to put there fingers in a fan? #rhetorical Of course, I did the same thing. #childatheart #gameday



September 19, 2017 Los Angeles, California

Photo Shoot with Ari & Shawn



August 26, 2017 Laguna Beach, California

Shawn & Ari at Festival of Arts Benefit         Photo credit: Michael Kovac



August 22, 2017 Los Angeles, California

My first Tango corté. Finally learning Ballroom dancing. #outofmycomfortzone #Tango #rhumba #Waltz #chachacha #swing #foxtrot Lets do this @ari8675! With miracle worker/instructor @jdlifeinpics sky's the limit!



August 7, 2017 Los Angeles, California

Tequila tasting w/ revered Maestro Catador & adventurer "Felipe" @tqlamaster. #MuchasGracias Literally, the most interesting man in the world. Yes, that's a #Stradivarius, he restored. Agave wood surfboard, he made. So many mind blowing adventures. @adventfilms #Grateful to hang w/ such a humble gentleman. ?? #adventure #postcardsfromtheedge #roadlesstraveled "Fortuna Iuvat Audacem"
"Fortune Favors the Bold" #Salude


August 1, 2017 Los Angeles, California

shawnchristian5150  Steppin' out for a hat day. #MadHatter

June 22, 2017   Los Angeles, California         

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear boy Kameron! #tbt I'm so grateful to share this wild adventure called life with you. You are a gifted young man filled with a world of possibilities. Excited for the many adventures ahead. #happybirthday #bridge #generations #lifeofadventure


June 15 30, 2017   Los Angeles, California 

At 2'6" I was teaching my son Kameron to fly, now at 6'2" he is earning his own wings. I'm so proud of the fine young man you're becoming. #keepsoaring #prouddad Congratulations Kameron on another year of great accomplishments in school and life! #KameronChristian

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shawn christian March 18, 2017 Shawn Christian: ‏This little sales lady Cameron is selling lemonade and homemade cupcakes for her school Fit-A-Thon. #futureCEO #lemonadestand #kidsfitness
Shawn Christian If you can't laugh you'll cry. #life

What advice would you pass on to others?      Shawn answers:

Shawn shares thoughts on his native Michigan!

Shawn Christian,DaysofourLives,Daniel,  Dr. Daniel Jonas "Days of our Lives" 12/12 Daniel (Shawn Christian) visits Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in her dream

Arrow-Heart Fundraiser         Los Angeles Nov. 2016

Setting up Camp!

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